Year End Review of Your Cold Calling Campaign

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Year End Review of Your Cold Calling Campaign

Unless your business is in retail industry-the end of year can typically be slow. What can you do during this slow time of year? Use this time to evaluate your cold calling marketing campaign.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your current marketing program working for you?
  • Are you receiving the results expected?
  • Is it time to introduce a new product or service?
  • Which sales appointments are you able to close and which are slipping through the cracks?
  • Where can you make improvements?
  • Are you satisfied with your return on investment (ROI)?

Once you have evaluated your cold calling campaign, create a marketing plan for the New Year.

Here are ideas on new ways to prepare for marketing:

  • Perform a market analysis to evaluate competitors to increase results
  • Consider new market for product or services
  • Consider direct mail campaigns or email marketing
  • Evaluate geographics for existing marketing campaign as well as a new one
  • Consider businesses with larger employees to get to the companies you are interested in doing business with.
  • Verify the contact list-keeping a list of fresh prospects can boost results

A cold calling campaign takes careful planning and follow-up. Many factors go into a successful marketing campaign. Rich Enterprises offers several pilot programs. Whether you are seeking a lead generation program or in person appointments, we have a program for your business.

Our Programs can include:

  • program outline/scripting
  • contact list based on your geographical criteria
  • employee count as well as SIC codes
  • Training for the marketer selected for your account.
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