How to Not Let Your Sales Pipeline Go Cold During COVID-19

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There’s a lot of uncertainty in business right now as we head into fall. While the economy has started to show signs of recovery, most experts are on edge about what the coming months will bring. If your business relies on B2B sales for its revenue, you’re likely to have even more anxiety—after all, if the businesses you serve are losing revenue or shutting down, how will you be able to stay in business?

At Rich Enterprises, we’re helping businesses just like yours not just survive the COVID-19 pandemic, but thrive in spite of it. Here’s how we can help keep your sales pipeline full.

Casting a Wider Net

Now is the time to reevaluate your sales strategy. When business was good, you may have had customers lining up at your proverbial door to sign up for your services. Now, things are different—you need to take more of an active role in making sales.

Hire Rich Enterprises for B2B telemarketing and appointment setting services and you’ll be implementing one of the most cost-effective ways of growing your business. We help you cast a wider net and reach out to more potential customers and clients, something that’s critical in the COVID-19 world. No businesses want to hire new full-time sales staff during the pandemic, but Rich Enterprises can handle your inside sales for you so you don’t have to worry about committing to paying an additional salary, providing benefits, and spending time on training.

Our sales professionals have the experience needed to fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads. And just because we’re casting a wider net doesn’t mean we’re being indiscriminate—we carefully vet each potential lead to make sure they’re the right fit for your business.

Focusing on Closing the Deal

By outsourcing your inside sales, your own sales team can focus their efforts on outside sales—or, in this climate, virtual outside sales. Surprisingly, many businesses are seeing that they’re able to close more deals during the pandemic because virtual presentations are more conducive to making sales. Key decision makers are more focused, while your sales team doesn’t have to spend time traveling from one town to the next and can instead use that time to prepare for sales presentations.

Think of New Ways to Meet Customers’ Needs

The COVID-19 pandemic can present an opportunity for innovation and adaptation. Think about how your customers’ needs have changed during the pandemic and brainstorm ideas to address them. If you have an HVAC business, promote services that enhance ventilation or UV filters that can purify the air. Own a janitorial service? Consider adding disinfection services that target COVID-19. 

B2B telemarketing offers you the perfect opportunity to test out these new ideas and see if they pique the interest of potential customers and clients. We will provide you with data and analytics to help you determine whether your pivot is resonating with your leads.

Rich Enterprises Can Fill Your B2B Sales Pipeline

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