Leaving effective voice mails for cold calling

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Leaving effective voice mails for cold calling

The key to successful voicemails are to be brief-get to the point of the message. I was always told brevity is the key to success.


What should you leave in a voicemail message?

1.       Company name

2.       Contact name

3.       Phone number

4.       Reason for the call


Use your voicemail message as an opportunity for marketing. Take time to prepare messages that will entice the recipient and will encourage a return call. What kind of messages can you leave for your prospects?

Here are a few sample voicemails:

Hi Bob this is Tracy with Rich Enterprises, Just wanted to reach out to you to see if you might have time to meet with me this week to go over a new marketing program. Contact me at your earliest convenience at 555-555-1212.


Hi Sherrie, this is Tracy with Rich IT Services. Just want to contact you to see if you have seen our new software program that will automate your security system. Give me a call at your earliest opportunity to talk about it 555-555-1212.


Hello Jerry! This is Tracy with Jones Electric. Just wanted to contact you to let you know we are offering free energy surveys in your area. Please contact me at your earliest convenience at 555-555-1212.


Finally, remember the tone of your voice when leaving voicemails. Take the time to leave a professional, well versed message with contact information. All stages of marketing require preparation.


Prepare your voicemail script to increase odds of return calls and future business prospects which will boost sales and increase revenue.


Rich Enterprises Inc has a variety of marketing packages. All packages start with a program outline that includes: calling script, voicemail script, email script and email confirmation script. Let us prepare your next marketing campaign!

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