Using email to supplement your marketing campaign

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Using email to supplement your marketing campaign

There are many directions to take for a successful marketing campaign and one of those is going to be adding email marketing as a supplement to your marketing strategy.

Technology allows for email to be a primary source of communication with prospects. Email marketing techniques are often key since they allow for quick communication with your customer base.


Carefully prepared email scripts will reiterate the value for your product or services.  Email can take the place of a cold call or a warm/follow up call with a quick note to remind prospects of products or services or maybe an introduction of a new offering.


Here are things to put in the email templates:

  • Company name/Address/Website  as part of the signature
  • Introduction of the company for new email marketing
  • Sample list of products/services offered
  • Unique qualities – tell prospects why your business stands out in the crowd

Emails can be a useful tool for prospects that might otherwise be busy at the time of a call and will allow them time to follow-up with you at their leisure. With modern technology and most people having a smartphone, electronic communication is the new way to boost marketing efforts.


Communication is critical in a business relationship. You can always keep the conversation going with continual touches by cold calls, emails and direct mail pieces. Email marketing along with a traditional cold calling program allows for company name recognition and is an inexpensive way to boost marketing efforts.

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