Managing Sales Reps

Managing sales reps – Managing people in any business is certainly tough, but managing independent sales reps can be even tougher.   Sales reps by nature are full of personality and independence, but harnessing those multiple personalities and independent natures into a cohesive sales team takes finesse and flexibility.  

Managing sales reps can be challenging and finding ways to keep them motivated can be challenging. Sales reps are competitive by nature and like to participate in contests. They like continual challenges and ways to showcase they are “top” in sales.

Find ways to use your sales team’s experience by:

  1. Ask sales reps to provide input in business planning.
  2. Allow seasoned sales rep to help train struggling sales reps.
  3. Encourage seasoned sales team members to write articles for the company newsletter.
  4. Set up contests that encourage stats/goals to challenge everyone on the team.

Managing sales reps can be very rewarding since your sales team represents your company, who you are, and are the first to interact with your prospects.

sales training for successful sales
sales training for successful sales

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