Objections Are Opportunities

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Objections Are Opportunities

Positive thinking can turn rejection into success.

A good salesperson can turn a “no” into a “yes” by using positive thinking and analyzing the reasons why a prospective buyer has said “no”. Each prospective buyer is different, so you can’t follow a script.

Always check your statements and presentations to determine whether they are creating mental pictures of things that make people feel good.

Find your prospective buyer’s real needs. Would you like to make a living trying to sell people something they don’t want or care about? Would you rather earn your living selling people something that they need, want, and desire?

When you find out what your prospective buyers want and you are able to show them how to get it, then selling is easy and fun.

There are two ways that you can find out what your customers really want:

  • Objective – asking them questions and listening to their answers
  • Subjective – using your mind to sense what they really want.

Example: Prospective buyer says “No”. You lead out with a question that will help the prospective buyer determine how your product or service will benefit his needs. You can use your product or service knowledge to figure out what they are going to say, what their objections will be, how you can best overcome them, and what they will like about your product or service.

A good salesperson is able to judge just how far they can go with a person, and they know if they go beyond that point, their high pressure won’t work. It will backfire and the sale will be lost. The secret is observing what is happening around you and analyze it. By doing this, eventually you will develop an intuition to read your prospects mind.

Being prepared to overcome objections will eliminate fear and enable you to become a persuasive salesperson to achieve success.

Successful sales people are not afraid of objections. In fact they welcome objections. Objections are opportunities to discuss further why your product or service will benefit your prospective buyer.

Make your mind up to be a winner by preparing to overcome objections ahead of time.

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