Overcoming Objections After an Election

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Many times, after an election, sales people hear the objection, “I can’t do anything until I know what is going on with our governing board.”    As sales representatives, it is easy to understand this objection because we all know business can be up and down.  Acknowledging the roller coaster market with prospects, will help build rapport since they know you understand where they are coming from.  Change your position from sales to advisor as well as industry expert providing guidance instead of pushing for the sale.  Overcoming objections after election can be done.

Our role is to help prospects make buying decisions that make sense to them. If we understand objections before they are presented to us, we can guide prospects in the right direction with products and services that will help their business for years to come.

Overcoming objections after electionHere are guidelines for a successful call:

*    Gaining Trust – In today’s business efforts, establishing trust is essential to being able to sell products and establish new business relationships.  Business owners are cautious and more frugal with spending.  Present your offering as an asset to businesses to give businesses the peace of mind knowing their purchase makes sense.

*    Knowledge of Product – All seasoned sales people should have a strong understanding of the product/service they represent. They must believe in what we are selling and be able to share with prospects how it will benefit their business and make their job easier.

*    Establish Value and Need – People buy if they can see the value and need.  If we establish value and need, your prospect will want to sign on the dotted line.

Objections in any type of sales can be a hurdle but being prepared with the appropriate rebuttals, stories of how other similar businesses are using the product or services as well as understanding of why prospects are not ready to purchase can build a long-term business relationship.

How do you handle objections? Is your sales team fully prepared to spin the conversation?   Overcoming objections after election can be tricky but is obtainable.  Here’s another great article that might help:  How To Sales Objections

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