Have you ever wondered what’s a b2b Sales rep? The definition of b2b is business to business related to sales markets.  There are two types of sales markets.

  1. B2C– Business to Consumer. This market strategically caters to residential consumers and typically provides services or products more geared for personal use.
  2. B2B – Business to Business. This market works within the commercial industry. The commercial market is vast with everything from services including IT, telecommunications, HVAC, refrigeration, Mechanical, janitorial, etc. B2b markets can also include a wide variety of products that are created for commercial use.

What exactly does a b2b sales rep do? A b2b sales rep is going to be someone that has specialized skills to provide inside or outside sales services. Inside sales are sales processes that happen while working “inside” or from the comfort of your desk. A inside sales rep will be quick on their feet to maneuver a phone call into a lead or a sale simply by carrying on a casual conversation.

Outside sales is a process when a sales person generates an appointment for themselves and spends time in a vehicle meeting prospects face to face. Meetings could be a demonstration or a meet and greet type scenario.  The experience level for an outside sales rep is more than an inside rep since they are presenting or “selling” themselves.

What"s a B2B rep?

B2B Sales rep

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