Profiling your prospects

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Profiling your prospects – Do you ever wonder if you are reaching out to the correct audience?  Marketing prep takes time if you are going to get in front of the right target. Spend some time profiling your target market. Some companies try a market research type campaign which really polls companies to see what offerings are needed.  You might want to send out mailers or emails to those that could be part of your targeted audience and see if interest peaks.

If you find that the area is saturated, you will need to reach out to another geographical area or perhaps reevaluate your product or service.   Reaching the businesses that are most likely to have an interest in your services can be tough, but researching beforehand will save time /energy and increase your cold calling and telemarketing effectiveness.

Finally, make sure the contact list you are using is on target. If you are reaching out to an industry that does not have a need for your product/service, chances are you are missing out on a sale and not utilizing your sales efforts effectively. Always choose your top industries. Anytime we start a new marketing campaign with a client, we have a call to go over the top 5 industries for their market.

We know that not every business wants to do business with every industry. Some markets are just not a fit.

Rich Enterprises uses specific criteria for list building for our sales outsourcing programs. We base our factors on:

  1. Industry
  2. County
  3. Employee size
  4. Revenue
  5. Years in business

Our marketing programs can include the contact list, sample scripts, common objections and rebuttals, and specific account qualifiers. We offer lead generation, appointment setting, and market research programs.

 Contact us today to talk about list possibilities and how we can help grow your business!

Profiling your prospects
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