Quick Tips for Cold Calling


After developing cold calling scripts for over ten years, I have a few quick tips to offer:

  • Short and concise – Typically, you have a very brief time window (15-20 seconds) to encourage your prospect to learn more.   Your only goal in the opening conversation is to peak their interest and you cannot cram every bit of detail into that time window.  Initial scripting (or the opening paragraph) should be short and concise.
  • Focus on their needs and key benefits – Let them know just how you can help them and their business.  For example, quickly state that your offering can save them up to XX%, increase employee efficiency, reduce specific costs, or better their overall operation, but save the long winded details for later.  Of course, you should be ready to discuss specific benefits if the conversation leads that direction.
  • Reflect your goals – Your goal could be to set an appointment (via phone or in person), encourage them to visit your site, obtain their email address so you can provide them with more information, or to further qualify them.   Make certain that your scripting focuses on your true goal.To learn more about our program outlines, please contact us through our website or at 888-443-5247.
  • Developing scripting can be a refined art that requires experience with cold calling/telemarketing – as well as a strong understanding of key benefits and the industry.    Consult with your team members, learn from outside experts, and use your experiences with the company and industry to develop strong scripting.

To learn more about our program outlines, please contact us through our website or at 888-443-5247.

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