Strong collateral leads to stronger sales


Strong marketing and sales collateral will enhance your sales and revenue.    Prospects review collateral to learn more about your company and services and often show your collateral to other decision makers.  Strong collateral pieces definitely aide in the selling process.

Prospects often retain sales literature – even if they don’t have an immediate need.  But when the need arises, a prospect will turn to those materials for a quick refresher and contact.

Here are few simple steps to increase collateral effectiveness:

  • Analyze your sales pieces to ensure that they portray the correct message and are aesthetically pleasing.  Eye candy is a great way to sell.
  • Make modifications as needed and as new offerings become available.
  • Distribute materials frequently and consistently.  Schedule time to send the latest brochure for continual touches.

Marketing and sales collateral is vital to any growing and successful sales rep.

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