Reasons to Use Direct Mail

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Reasons to Use Direct Mail

This article is Part 1 of a 3 part series.

Why Use Direct Mail to Connect With Customers and Prospects?

In the current age of electronic media – Web sites, emails, blogs, social networking, and all those other venues I didn’t mention, direct mail is still an effective way to target your customers and prospective clients with pertinent messages.

If your direct mail campaigns have gone by the wayside due to budget constraints, printing or mailing costs, or other reasons, reconsidering direct mail, and using it in conjunction with a b2b telemarketing blitz, will still get you the most value for your marketing dollars. Even in a tough economy, direct mail is still a great way to have a conversation with your targeted audience. Direct mail can help you start a dialogue, continue a conversation or serve as a follow-up.

Direct mail pieces of many different types can be used to reach your audience. Whichever size, style or format you use for your mailing piece, it can be easily customized to suit your marketing efforts. From a quick and simple postcard to a personalized letter, to an informational brochure – you can choose from different types of direct mail, depending on your marketing approach, and the outcome you desire with your targeted audience.

In addition, the response from a direct mail campaign is more visible and can be more easily measured, compared to responses from Web sites, email, and other electronic means. It’s simple to count how many customers or prospects you targeted, the number of pieces you sent, and then evaluate the campaign’s response rate. Eventually, you can easily and directly compare your direct mail campaign goals, to actual real-world sales and service results you achieved, and measure how effective your direct mail campaign really was.

Regardless of your service or product, if you haven’t used direct mail recently to promote your business, revisit how direct mail can help you reach out to your customers or prospects in a personalized, meaningful and cost-effective way.

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