Sales Calls Directed By Mother Nature

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Sales Calls Directed By Mother Nature

Today you get started as any day would and find that once again, Mother Nature has been more than gracious by dropping 6-10 inches of snow and ice over 85% of your targeted calling area. What can you do to continue to be productive?

  • Be Sensitive. Not only are you put in a precarious spot but the prospects are also feeling the pain. It has caused their business to slow down, sales to go off the charts due to high demands or they are closing the doors due to weather conditions. Be compassionate when calling.
  • Plan. Print out a map of the latest weather trends. Mark your geographical calling area and verify with the map normal or reasonable weather conditions. Make note of the latest forecast to direct your calls for the week.
  • Email. Change your method of contact by switching it up just a bit. Instead of placing a call to your prospects, send emails instead. Send a form letter that states you understand their predicament with the weather and are thinking of them. If you are sending this email early in the week, make note that you intend to follow-up with them weeks end.
  • Opening line. Change your sales pitch opener. When you are able to make your sales calls, use the old “How is the weather where you are? Are you surviving the blizzard in 2011?” Everyone has something to say about the weather. Maybe it is not affecting them personally, but they will know someone that is struggling or they have watched the news. Weather talk is a great ice-breaker.

Weather can be a hindrance when it comes to sales calls but it is also a great conversation starter. Conversations that talk about the weather are great ways to bond with prospects, get them talking and build rapport.

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