Using Your Voice Properly In Telemarketing

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Using Your Voice Properly In Telemarketing

The five senses of humans are: Hearing, Sight, Smell, Taste and Touch.

The sound of a telemarketer’s voice is the only human sense of the five human senses our prospects can identify with. Sales presentations consist of words only if we don’t use our voice as an instrument to demonstrate belief in our products or services.

If we expect the prospect to say “yes” we must sound like we expect the prospect to say yes. “You can only see properly with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eye”, so wrote Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

I like this quote because it leads me to relate to the extraordinary talent of Andreas Bocelli, one of the most popular and best Italian singers in the entire world. It doesn’t matter to us that he sings in a language most of us don’t understand.

It’s the inspiring emotional directness of his beautiful voice that makes us love his singing in spite of the fact we can’t understand a word he is saying. The words we don’t understand but his emotions expressed by his beautiful voice are an international language understood by all.

If you are bright, energetic, outgoing and interested in spreading the word about what you are selling you have got what it takes to be a telemarketer.

Successful telemarketers use their voices to express emotions. Selling is emotional and if you are not using your voice properly with the proper tone, expression and clarity you will not be able to sell. If telemarketers sound tense, anxious, bored, tired or in any way sales will be lost.

Think of yourself as a singer on the stage singing to your audience for the first time. Your audience has not heard you sing before. Your prospect has not heard your presentation before. Be sure to make your words exciting, convincing and clear.

Once your prospect responds to you, match the voice speed of your prospect without losing your excitement. Other emotions to contribute to you sales pitch are sincerity and a positive attitude without being overbearing.

Last (but not least) don’t forget to smile. A smile is the only thing your prospect is going to be able to see. Yes “see” you can actually see a smile if you hear it in someone’s voice. If necessary put a mirror up in front of you so you will know when you smile.

Believe in yourself and believe in what you are selling and most important of all “smile”. You have just made a sale.

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