Sales Training Ideas – Fear of Rejection


Sales Training Ideas: Fear of Rejection in Sales

The fear of rejection can be quite overwhelming. There are not too many sales reps around that have notSales Training Ideas experienced some sort of rejection in their sales career. I have been in sales for 10+ years and still get a little nervous on the first call of a new campaign. Most seasoned sales reps know the best way to start a new campaign is to:

  1. Learn all you can about the product/service being offered
  2. Know the competition and why the product/service you are pitching is better
  3. Practice your sales pitch to help you ease into the first call
  4. Jump right in and get your feet wet on calls

Set your confidence level high when making calls. Remember, rejection is not personal. Prospects are not rejecting you but simply declining the product or service you are pitching. Sales is merely a numbers game; the more dials you have, the more appointments you will set.



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