Scripts that work – Script writing is tough to do unless you have experience making sales calls.

How can you create effective, working scripts?

  1. First – put together lists of questions that make this prospect viable.  These are questions that allow you to create dialogue and learn about the prospects pain points. Open make your questions open ended, giving the prospect time to participate in the call.
  2. Second – list common objections and the best way to respond.
  3. Finally – talking points. What makes your product or service better than the competitor? How do you stand out? What do you offer that helps business owners sleep at night?

Scripts that work – A script in print is a great way to tweak your marketing approach. Use a script for a period of time and track your results. Is the script working? Is your message being accepted? Maybe you should simplify your approach to offer more of a teaser compared to the entire offering.

Who is your prospect? If you are seeking C-level contacts, try changing your calling times. If you typically call mid-morning, try mid-afternoon or during lunch time.  Sometimes you can catch a decision maker sitting at his/her desk while the receptionist is at lunch.

Maybe change your method of reaching the contact. If you have tried only cold calling, ask for permission to reach out to the prospect via email. Always ask the receptionist for permission to email so that your email is not considered spam. Sometimes alternating contact with both phone and emails can provide gentle reminders of your offerings.

Scripts are a great foundation tool and a great place to start with your marketing program.

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