Smiling While Dialing for Successful Sales Calls


Cold calling and telemarketing is not for everyone. Smiling While Dialing for Successful Sales Calls takes practice, effort, and positivity.   When the sales team starts each day of cold calling, they start with a complete clean slate/brand new contact list of prospects they have never talked with.

The sales person will be taking a new contact list and creating magic with leads and appoin

 Smiling While Dialing for Successful Sales Calls

Smiling While Dialing for Successful Sales Calls

tments for our clients.  This job is not for sensitive people that have super thin skin. This job is for those that love to talk with people, have a great attitude and appreciate a challenge.

Keeping focused and motivated keeps sales people on top of their game. Start your day with goals in mind. Today, I’m going to reach out to 60 people and have good conversation with 15. Today I am going to set 3 appointments.

Be flexible with your goals. Just because you don’t get the appointments that you aim for but instead you send emails to 6 people and have 3 call backs set for next week- that is progress and an accomplishment for the day.

Staying Positive is not an easy task especially with all the constant no’s you receive making cold calls. Always remember, you have to have so many dials to get to the right person and get them to say yes to the sale.

Here are tips to keeping a positive attitude AndSmiling While Dialing for Successful Sales Calls 

Get fired up: Get excited and come up with different approaches for different industries.

Take breaks: Take short breaks to get a new perspective.

Exercise: Exercise is good for the mind and body.

Motivation:  Find daily inspiration quotes on motivation

Always remember there can be a lull before the storm. There will be good days and bad days. Success is the feeling you get when you talk with someone on the phone, set an appointment with the right business and land that sale.

How’s your motivation? Do you need help staying on task and reaching the right people?

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