Successful Marketing Campaign Tips


Every marketing program starts out with a plan. The plan will have an objective or

predetermined goal that will gauge the success rate of the marketing campaign. Successful marketing campaign tips can boost success rates.

What can you do to ensure a successful marketing campaign?

Here are a few ideas:

1. Planning – Careful planning will guide your program from start to finish. When

planning your marketing campaign, list program goals and how you intend to

reach those goals.

2. Contact list – Never underestimate your contact list. If you are reaching out to

the wrong industry, your success rate will drop. Review results of your marketing

campaign daily-especially in the beginning to pick up market trends or patterns to

ensure a targeted contact list.

3. Program Outline/Scripting – Put together a marketing script with talking points,

Objections and rebuttals and voicemail and email scripts. Having information prepared before the campaign will keep the conversation flowing and boost overall results.

4. Training – Choose your marketing staff closely. Use staff that have the experience

needed in the industry you are calling. If you are reaching out to IT companies,

choose staff that either has experience in Information Technology or can be

trained. The more information the marketer has about the offerings, the better

they can portray the business.

5. Integrity Honesty in business is something that many companies have pushed

to the back burner. Always follow-through with your actions. If you tell a prospect

you are going to contact them on Tuesday-add the appointment to your calendar

or CRM to ensure that you follow-up on that specified date and time. Providing

the best customer service and integrity with business will build rapport with

customers and provide long term business clients.

Running a marketing program is a great way to build your sales pipeline and get your

company name out there. With the right marketing team, a well-developed script, and an attainable marketing goal for your campaign, you will ensure a successful telemarketing campaign.

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Successful Marketing Campaign Tips
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