Summer sales programs

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Summer sales programs

When we think of summer time, we think of vacations, weekends at the lake and cookouts. Summertime for business is a great time to test a new market or product for a fall start-up campaign. Get ready to start planning. Here are a few steps to get you started:

1.Prepare your to-do list. Put together a list of things that need to be done in order to implement a sales campaign. Determine your market and product or services that you would like to focus on for your summer program. Set dates and times for campaign launch and specific timeline for all aspects. If you are planning a telemarketing campaign, put together a calling list and finalize a script and appointment outline.

2. Determine advertising. What advertising works best for you? Think of US mail for brochures and flyers and email or fax for electronic advertising. Choose a date two weeks before campaign start-up to get your information out to prospective customers.

3.Launch campaign. Start your campaign. Document all progress from start of campaign to end of program for follow-up. Successful campaigns are not always those that produce sales during the campaign but are those that build rapport initially and produce long time clients.

4.Measure success. Crunch your numbers. Was your product or service a success? Think of the long term possibilities of your new offerings. The amount of interest received for your new product or service will determine the success of a full marketing campaign.

The summer months can be used to test new markets with full launch planned for the autumn months. Use the campaign numbers to determine your next marketing campaign. Remember instant sales are great, but long term clients are those that make our business a success.

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