Sweet Deals on Telemarketing services


Sweet Deals on Telemarketing services

Recently I was asked if we are running any specials on our telemarketing and cold calling programs.   Unfortunately, we don’t offer specials, but we are pleased that we have held our pricing structure for over 5 years as well as recently developed a new specialized program focused on High Value Contacts.

Over the last five years, we have watched as our competition has steadily increased their hourly rates over time to keep up with rising costs and higher overhead.    We have also noticed that many companies are outsourcing overseas more often in order to reduce overhead and labor costs.    We are pleased that we have been successful in absorbing the additional costs, so that we can offer our clients excellent service at a reasonable price.

What services are included in your marketing package? Rich Enterprises Inc has marketing programs that include everything for a successful program. Our programs include: Customized program outline that includes the call script, email and confirmation scripts, common objections and rebuttals as well as the contact list. Our new 3M program is just being released and created for businesses that are looking to do business with High Value Contacts. Contact us to hear more about our new 3M marketing program (888) 443-5247.



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