Monitoring Remote Sales Reps

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Monitoring Remote Sales Reps

Businesses are thinking of more ways to cut costs and boost their bottom line. One large factor for cutting overhead might be to allow sales staff to work remote. This would be an instant cost reduction and be a selling point for premier talent who like the independence of working unsupervised.

How do you monitor remote sales reps?

1. Daily interaction. Require some type of daily interaction. Whether it is email correspondence or daily calls via phone, communication is key to a successful remote team.

Mandatory meetings are necessary to boost morale and keep the momentum going. If you don’t require some type of daily involvement with your staff, you will not be able to track productivity.

2. Reports. Require daily reporting from your sales staff. Rich Enterprises uses ACT software that requires special reporting called an all calls report. This gives a detailed report for each and every call made on any given day.

This will give the company inside information on all calls made. Weekly reports can give you a better idea of how productive this staff is being. Are they on mark? Are they making calls? Or sitting in their PJs watching soap operas and telling you the calls are getting made?

You will be able to track all sales progress by detailed reporting. Not all sales reps are capable of working from home. Remote workers are a rare commodity. It requires major discipline and a dedication for success.

Read the reports for the numbers, but play close attention to quality. Review reports for quality information and study trends. If your team is encountering the same rebuttals or set backs, additional coaching may be needed.

3. Accountability. Accountability is imperative for success and you will be rewarded with your efforts by setting up processes to monitor performance with daily contact and production reports. Sales reps should be held accountable for their results (or lack thereof).

4. Security. Security is an important point when using remote sales staff. If you are using an online program that requires user access, provide minimal availability for staff access. Leaving your system wide open will allow others that have no need with your information to use for their unauthorized gain.

5. Policies. Set clear company policies for staff in terms of software programs available for use, servers and phone systems and company voice mail. Some companies have found the authentication system is a stronger system rather than relying on passwords alone.

The management of remote staff or telecommuters is a long-standing challenge for businesses but be extremely rewarding if managed correctly.

One way to guarantee success with remote staff is to choose members that have a proven track record of sales and has shown the ability to work from home successfully. Remote staff is a rare and special group of people that have the skills, desire and dedication to work from the home office.

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