Time Sensitive Sales Best Practices


Once you have contacted a company and talked with a prospect that has an immediate need to do business with you, time is of the essence.  It is imperative that your time sensitive sales best practices include follow-up and related activities are completed in a timely manner.  When a prospect inquires about your services or products, they often have a deadline in mind for reaching a decision and will often favor the company that has the quickest response time. Time Sensitive Sales Best Practices

In sales, it seems like we are pulled so many different directions.  There are always more calls to be made, more proposals to do, and more relationships that need to be built.    The vast number and diversity of activities can certainly make a sales rep or sales manager overwhelmed.

For our company, we have found that scheduling is key to saving time in sales.    Our sales tasks are regimented and routine, while flexible enough to allow for clients that need additional efforts and time.    Our marketers also have scheduled for their cold calling efforts and that structure allows us to keep on track and focused.


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