5 Things You Should Be Asking Your B2B Lead Generation Company

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When evaluating a B2B lead generation company, it’s important that you have some understanding of how they work and what they can realistically do for you and your business. No two lead generation or appointment setting services work precisely the same.

As lead generation is a part of both sales and marketing, you need to know how a lead generation company will facilitate both those things on behalf of your business. To that end, there are a few things you should definitely ask your B2B lead generation company

1. Who Have You Worked With?

Lead generation companies aren’t exactly rare. Many people can say they will get you the leads you need to boost your business to success, but do they have proof? Much like hiring any professional service, references are important.

You’ll want to know:

  • Who the lead generation company worked with in the past
  • What kind of results those clients saw
  • What types of success rates the company can claim

Any reputable company will be more than happy to talk to you about its successes. You can ask them for a portfolio, seek out reviews, or speak with other businesses about the lead generation company. Even if you do your own research, as you should, there is still a need for you to ask the lead generator directly.

Lead generation services with a good reputation can typically do what they claim they can do. Those lead generation companies that don’t have a track record aren’t necessarily bad, as they might be new, but you must show care when dealing with them.

2. What Types of Clients Do You Represent?

Lead generation isn’t the same across the board. Different industries and business types require a different approach when it comes to targeting and acquisitioning leads. Some B2B lead generation services target specific industries or niches.

These companies are not one size fits all, even though there are some companies that can do a good job no matter what type of business you have. However, it’s usually better to deal with a lead generation service with expertise. This all ties into how the lead generator acquires leads as well.

At Rich Enterprises, Inc., we service several industries and market sectors. Contact us to learn how we can optimize a lead generation strategy for your particular business.

3. How Do You Acquire Your Leads?

Lead generation techniques vary widely and not all approaches are suitable for all businesses. Also, not all leads are good leads. You’ll want to know how the lead generator reaches out to potential leads, which can include things like:

  • Email campaigns
  • Social media marketing
  • Traditional advertising methods
  • Using promotional materials
  • Direct calls
  • Other inbound or outbound methods

Some lead generation companies purchase lead lists or acquire them through their own marketing methods. Ask about where they gain their leads and how they develop these lists.

Make sure their methods match your own business approach as you don’t want an overly aggressive lead generator when your business model doesn’t match that approach. For example, an email campaign may look like spam marketing to your target audience, so it’s best to avoid that lead generation method.

Your B2B lead generation company should do the necessary research and tailor its methods to your needs. Once again, no cookie-cutter approach to lead generation will work for every business. In some cases, a lead generation method can do harm instead of good. So, make sure you have a thorough understanding of how your lead generation company does what it does.

4. Who Will Work on My Lead Campaign?

B2B lead generation doesn’t just happen automatically. There are people who will work on your campaign, and it’s a good idea to ask about whom those people are. Much like asking about the lead generation company itself, you may want to know a little more about the people who will handle your account and how they will go about doing it.

  • Will you have a team of people servicing your account or an individual?
  • Are the people working on your account experienced?
  • Will you have resources dedicated to your campaign or will you wait in queue with other businesses?

You will want knowledgeable people working on behalf of your business. A lead generator should have people with the experience necessary for dealing with each of its marketing methods.

For example, if the lead generation company utilizes social media to acquire leads for you, then you will want that company to have a social media expert on hand to handle that aspect of the campaign.

The collective experience of the lead generator matters as well. The team assigned to your campaign should consist of people who know how to navigate the different marketing funnels necessary to find your prospects. This means that even if the company doesn’t contain a single expert, it might have collective expertise, which can work just as well.

5. What Questions Do You Have for Me?

A B2B lead generation company should always spend a good deal of time asking you questions and drilling down to the right approach for your business specifically. The more detail you give them about your business, your business needs, and your expectations, the better the lead generation company will perform for you.

If the lead generation company isn’t soliciting as much information from you as possible, then there’s no way it can find you the right leads.

In addition, this question can help to establish the role you will play in the lead generation campaign. Lead generation works best through cooperation, but some lead generators will handle all the work for you. Nevertheless, make sure you’re clear on what the lead generation company expects of you.

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