Top Ten Best Practices for Engaged Agents

Top Ten Best Practices for Engaged Agents – Every telemarketing company will have a list of the top business practices that work for them.

Here are a few that make our list:

1. Continual Training: Keeping your techniques new and fresh will help even the most seasoned sales professional keep up with the latest and greatest practices.

2. Feedback: Provide constant feedback to your team. This is not only feedback on the job at hand, but also performance versus expectations.

3. Communication: Have an open-door policy. Make sure staff and clients know your door is always open and you are available to listen to their concerns. Communicate sales objectives frequently so your team is aware of expectations.

4. Rewards and recognition/Incentives: Offer prizes for the best salesperson or salesperson most improved. The rewards can be gift cards, movie passes, or cash. With today’s economy, gas/fuel cards are quite the reward and can assist with vacations or personal time off.

5. Motivation: Locate a well-respected motivational book to encourage your team daily. Allow top sales staff for the week to create their own tips to share with others, giving them personal recognition.

6. Post Pictures: Show photos of the Superstar of the week in a designated area for all staff to see. This might be a wall of fame or a feature in your company’s newsletter. All salespeople are success-driven and like their time in the limelight.

7. Share best practices: Discuss sales tips that can assist all team members. We all need help with tips that work for us in our daily calling efforts.

8. Customer service: Stress to your staff the old adage “ the customer is always right”. We are in a service-driven world and need to focus on individual attention and good old fashion customer service.

9. Matched abilities: Take the time to match your talent with the correct account. Sometimes you will find that one marketer is more suited for a different aspect of the telemarketing process. They could be better suited for lead generation compared to appointment setting. Take the time to get to know your team and determine what works best for them to better benefit you and your business.

10. Comply with all rules and regulations: No matter what type of telemarketing you are doing, we all have rules that we have to comply with. Make sure you are up to date on all new do not call regulations or any other restrictions that have been put on the telemarketing industry.

Top Ten Best Practices for Engaged Agents – Ensure your team understands how their performance impacts your department, your company, and your customers. Take the time to set up your top ten best practices to guarantee long-term success for your business and staff.

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Top Ten Best Practices for Engaged Agents
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