Top Three Cold Calling Objections

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Top Three Cold Calling Objections

This article is part 2 of 3. Each article will feature a common objection that is encountered when cold calling and will describe a few methods to overcome that objection.


Objection: We need a product/service that can be customized to suit our specific needs.


No matter what kind of product or service you are providing, most every company wants something that is specifically designed for them. Since that is not always possible, they will want to see exactly how you can customize your product or service to meet their needs and objectives.


When cold calling, you can begin by informing them of ways that your product/service has been customized to suit the needs of your current clients within their industry. Find out the needs of this prospect to enhance your sales pitch. Doing a little research on your prospect before the sales call will give you an edge during the call.


When making follow-up calls, take the opportunity to tell your prospect exactly how you can customize your product/service to help meet their specific goals and objectives and how your company will become an extension of their company team rather than just another provider with a product or service for sale.


Helping your potential client see how working together to meet company goals and objectives is beneficial and is a great way to close the deal. Ask the right questions during the cold call, so you can do your homework and be prepared for the face to face sales meeting.


Privacy Issues in the B2B World

As the trend for outsourcing marketing activities continues, there have been increasing demands and concerns for privacy and related control since the traditional approach of transmission of private information is not applicable. Companies will have to go to extra lengths to make sure the information transferred to main databases is kept confidential.


As awareness of privacy builds, any company that doesn’t treat privacy as a core issue will find itself at a disadvantage in the B2B marketplace. Companies often provide their private list to the marketing company but must make certain that their information is treated with the strictest of confidences. Successful businesses will investigate all issues in becoming privacy compliant and will comply with the necessary legal regulations.


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