Top Three Cold Calling Objections

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Top Three Cold Calling Objections

This article is part 3 of 3. Each article will feature a common objection that is encountered when cold calling and will describe a few methods to overcome that objection.


Objection: We use another provider.


It is highly unlikely that during cold calling, you will not hear this objection. On one hand, you know the person you called is interested in the service because they are using another provider. On the other hand, you are not the one providing the service. This is not an uncommon situation.


Many companies are happy that they have someone fulfilling their needs, but never periodically determine if they are getting the best service at the best price. Show them how your company products or services will help them out shine their competitors, save time & resources, increase revenue as well as fit into their budget.


Research the company ahead of time to know their needs and how your product or service can benefit them. This way you can immediately let them know how your company is prepared to meet a need that you already know they have. Let the prospect know your companies strengths and how your products & services are more beneficial to them than using the competitors services.


One key to gaining a new client is knowing your own company’s strengths and being ready to present them in a way that would make any potential client see the benefit. Helping potential clients see the added value of outsourcing services is all up to you and how you present your company.


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Importance of niche markets

Most companies, whether big or small, direct their marketing to select niche audiences. Even the country’s largest manufacturers target carefully pinpointed market segments to maximize the effectiveness of their programs and often tackle different niches for each product group.


Niche marketing can be extremely cost-effective. For instance, imagine you offer a product or service that’s just right for a select geographical area or type of business. You can set a calling campaign to specifically target that area and leave out the general market.

Taking on a new niche can be a low-risk way to grow your business, as long as you keep in mind several important rules:


1. Meet their unique needs. Identify the unique needs of your audience, and look for ways to tailor your product or service to meet them.


2. Say the right thing. When approaching a new market niche, it’s imperative to speak their language. You should understand the market’s lingo and be prepared to communicate with the target group as an understanding member–not an outsider. Customize your campaign to reach the specific target including your approach whether it is language or the procedure for making contact. For example you will approach an attorney in a different way that an Auto Mechanic.


3. Always test-market. It’s best to conduct a competitive analysis by reviewing competitors’ ads, brochures and Web sites, looking for their key selling points, along with pricing, and other service characteristics. But what if there is no existing competition? Believe it or not, this isn’t always a good sign.


It may mean that other companies haven’t found the key to providing a product or service this niche will want to buy. However, it’s also possible that many companies have tried and failed to penetrate this group. Always test-market carefully to gauge the market’s receptiveness to your product or service and message.


The promise of Niche marketing is there for the taking. While it is intensely competitive, the size and lack of geographical barriers are especially suited to businesspeople who are blessed with niche vision and a dose of creativity and determination.

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