Using Cold Calling to Achieve 2019 Goals


Using cold calling to achieve 2019 goals will put your business in the driver’s seat for new and continual growth. Creating a marketing campaign that works best for your business, will be the 1st start to achieving your goals for 2019. Does cold calling work? Absolutely! Cold calling is effective way to gain access to decision makers and key player executives with little interruption to their business day.

What kind of script works for cold calling?

Here are a few tips from our team of experts:

  • Personalize your script – refer to the client you are speaking with by name and always use their company name when referring to their business.
  • Use industry lingo – Every prospective company specializes within their industry. All businesses will use industry specific lingo that pertain only to their market. Outsiders might find that lingo to be considered a foreign language. For example, if you are calling a doctor’s office mention the upcoming flu season- if you are marketing services for a janitorial service company. If you are contacting companies about IT security, you might ask about their network.
  • Do your homework – Most businesses have a website that might list management bios and goals for their company. Using information found on the internet can help with key terms and customizing your sales script. Internet research can also provide you with a contact name to reach out to within the organization at hand. It may not be the correct contact name but sometimes “a name” is better than no name.

Be prepared to modify your cold call script!

A sales script should be a work in progress with great flexibility. Be prepared to modify your script for whatever works best for your marketing campaign. If you are making sales calls and discover that the script is too wordy, be prepared to make changes to boost your productivity. Generic scripts are great way to get your foot in the door, but a custom script is one that will bring you long term sales.Using Cold Calling to Achieve 2019 Goals

Most sales people will tell you they would rather do anything but make cold calls. Cold calling is a great way to build rapport with companies and if done correctly will help you with your 2019 sales goals.

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