Customer Service and Conflict Resolution


In the sales business, where you have customers- you will always have conflict. How we handle our conflict resolution sets our company apart from our competitors. Plan ahead for a rule of thumb process for handling conflict. How do you handle customer service and conflict resolution?

Here are ways to handle upcoming issues:

  1. Address the conflict. There are always two sides to a story and allowing the customer to voice their concerns is the first step to addressing an issue. The old adage the customer is always right may not always be the case but common business courtesy is to hear the customer out. Listen to them without interruption.
  2. Compassion. Always let the customer know that you understand their concerns and are here to resolve the issue. Never say you are sorry since you are not admitting guilt but want to ensure you know where they are coming from and want to find the best possible resolution to the problem.
  3. Investigate. Some conflicts are going to be easier to resolve than others. Let the customer know that you may or may not be aware of the situation but will research it further for the best outcome today and going forward.
  4. Redirect. Working with people can have its challenges. One challenge is dealing with an irate customer and being able to redirect their anger creating a positive outcome. Use people skills to offer suggestions on fixing the issue at hand.
  5. Final step. Sometimes when all else fails, we have to know when its time to bring the conversation to an end. I was always told that you “You can’t make everyone happy”. Determine how far you will go before deciding its best to part ways with the customer.Meeting sales forecasts

Customer service is rare in this business age. People will always remember what you did for them and how you treated them in certain situations. They may not do business with you based on the best price in town but most people will rank customer service higher than price.

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