Verbatim Scripts


Do verbatim scripts work? My short answer is no. I do not like to receive calls from people that sound like a recorded infomercial. For example: I had a telemarketer call me from Sirius Radio. The lady asked for me by name but then gave an introduction of Sirius XM Radio and you could tell she was reading directly from a prepared, verbatim script.

Rich Enterprises Inc. uses a different sales approach to appointment setting. We believe that business is personal and make our telemarketing calls conversational. It is nothing to talk about the weather or what is happening within certain organizations. Our daily documentation allows us recall of prior conversations. For example: “On 4/28/2014 I Spoke with George. He stated he is surrounded by corporate folks and will not be able to set an appointment for another 10 days. Call back on Friday to set up an appt.” We would document this and know how to approach our next call with George. Not only is the documentation important to our campaigns but it is also a personal touch for recall when following up with George.

We have many marketing programs that include program outlines and complete scripts customized for every campaign. Check us out:

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