B2B Marketing Campaign – Better Qualifying of your Prospects


B2B Marketing Campaign: Tips for Better Qualifying of your Prospects

When you start a marketing campaign, take the time to create qualifying questions that make a prospect viable. For example: Do they need to have an immediate need for your product or service? Are you interested in the number of employees or the size of the company?

Every campaign is going to have questions that make or break a sale or lesson the potential of acquiring a new customer. Every salesperson has the same amount of time to invest in their daily marketing strategies such as market research, cold calling and setting appointments. Spend focused efforts on prospects that have an immediate need or interest in your services and take good notes for those that have a future need. Listing the qualifiers that make a prospect a fit for you will eliminate the leads that will never turn into clients.

Don’t dismiss prospects that do not have an immediate need for your product or service. If your contact is qualified, place them on a long-term call back for future sales. Not all sales are instant and some take a little longer to nurture. If you need help with your telemarketing program, contact us for ideas on the best way to qualify your prospect.-


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