Basics for follow-up sales calls

Basics for follow-up sales calls – You might think that follow-up calls are not rocket science but you would be surprised how many people don’t know how or when to make them.

Here are the Basics for follow-up sales calls:

  1. Contact your previously contacted clients within 2 days of first contact whether this is by phone, email, or in person.
  2. Leave voicemails when you are unable to reach your contact. Make sure your voicemail reflects the last conversation. If you talked about locating a particular product- refer to that information in your voicemail.  A good business rule of thumb for voicemails is to leave one every first, third, and fifth attempt in following up with the contact. Frequent voicemails can agitate the client and leave them less than eager to work with you and your company.

Basics for follow-up sales calls – When contacting a prospect, always take good, solid notes. When calling a prospect today, you will not remember what you talked about. Take the time to document your encounter. If you talked about the weather or the latest ballgame, mention this in your notes. Recalling a prior conversation with a prospect help builds rapport for future business.

How do you follow up on your sales calls? Do you have a process in place for sales calls?

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Basics for follow-up sales calls

Basics for follow-up sales calls

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