Expectations for a Telemarketing Campaign

Expectations for a Telemarketing Campaign – Every marketing campaign starts with expectations regarding the results and what the outcome should be. What should you expect with a new campaign?

These factors come into play when looking at results:

Calls per hour – How many calls per hour are considered productive? When looking at the total calls made in one day, you will need to take into consideration: Is my team reaching the decision maker, and are they leaving voicemails?

Typically calls per hour can be on the average of 15-20 per hour and this will factor greatly into leads per hour. If you are not able to make the calls necessary to reach the specified decision-maker, you will not have success with leads.

Numbers – CPH (calls per hour) too high may indicate a problem. It may indicate that there were 35 attempts in the calling hour but decision-makers were not being reached. Low CPH (such as 10 calls) may indicate that there are in-depth conversations that are taking longer or it may indicate a problem with the navigation of the call cycle.

Market/industry – What is the sales cycle for your industry? Do you buy or use services as needed or is this something that is evaluated budget year only? Is this a small or large financial investment? Companies can take several months or years to consider large investments; while small purchases can be made quickly and easily.

Contacts made now may not turn into leads this time around but might be leads at the beginning of their sales cycle. Long-term callbacks can be considered leads. Building a rapport with clients is the start of a business relationship.

When marketing to certain industries always take into consideration the time of year to contact them. If they are in the retail industry, it would not be a good time to contact them during the Christmas holiday season.

A retail business’s busiest selling season will allow them to have the funds/budget available to purchase products or services but will not have the time needed for a business sale.

Leads or appointments-Are you interested in leads or appointments? Leads per hour can typically be 1 for every 2 hours of dialing or appointments can be 1 for every 4 hours of calls.

Many factors come into play such as geographical area, sales cycles, and the level of contacts being reached based on their title or role within the company. Upper management tends to be tougher to reach; therefore, it is more difficult to achieve desired results.

Decide which type of result would work best for your business. If leads work better for your business, you will appear to receive a higher outcome than those accepting appointments only.

Distribution of marketing materials – Are you able to provide strong marketing collateral regarding your products or services with every email/fax or US mail package?

Strong marketing materials puts your information in front of those that may not have an immediate need but might have one later in their budget year. Direct mailing can be a good way to boost leads by using email or traditional mail service. This can be cost-effective since it makes prospects aware of your business before your team makes follow-up calls.

Expectations for a Telemarketing Campaign – There are many factors to consider when preparing a solid marketing program. A successful marketing campaign can be determined by considering progress with leads and appointments as well as collateral distribution of sales materials. Sales processes come in many steps and using all of your resources will ensure success with both lead-generation and appointment-setting campaigns.

What do you expect to get out of your next marketing program? Are you looking for leads or appointments?

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Expectations for a Telemarketing Campaign

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