Sales goals for marketers

Sales goals for marketers – As a manager, you need to set sales goals for your team.   Setting goals can be a bit tricky and requires strong in-depth industry knowledge.   If you set goals too high, your sales team will become frustrated as they continually fail.  If sales goals are too low, those goals may become a minimum floor for results, and oftentimes, sales reps will rest once they have achieved the minimum goal.

Sales goals should be utilized to motivate sales teams.  Establishing reasonable, obtainable goals that provide a serious challenge will ultimately increase the success of your inside sales team. Find ways to get your sales team involved with daily rapport and motivation. Create contests for your sales team. Salespeople by nature are competitive and will work just a little harder for recognition.

Recognition or prizes could be anything from:

  • Gift cards
  • Movie passes
  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Gas cards
  • Paid time off
  • Special work for the day – King or Queen – boss status
  • Input into future projects – maybe the company newsletter

For us at Rich Enterprises Inc, our campaigns each yield slightly different results, and the exact results are based on our client’s specifications and needs. Our program managers set daily goals for our marketing team as well as an average overall weekly goal for the campaign itself.

How do you establish goals for your team? Do you need new ways to motivate your team to acquire new sales, therefore, building your sales pipeline?

Rich Enterprises Inc has been in business since 1999 providing custom marketing programs for commercial businesses that are looking to grow their business.

Our programs are ALL INCLUSIVE!

Our packages can include:

  • Contact list if based on SIC and geographical factors
  • Common objections and the appropriate rebuttals
  • Sample call script
  • Sample email script
  • Sample voicemail script
  • Sample email confirmation script

We would love to help you determine appropriate goals for your cold-calling campaign!

Contact us to get started!

Sales goals for marketers

Sales goals for marketers


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