Being prepared for the Cold Call


How can you be prepared for a cold call? The best answer is doing your homework, practicing your sales pitch and keeping your emotions in check. Have you ever been on a sales call or talked with a person that really rattled you?

Here are tips for a successful cold call:

  1. Practice makes perfect. Practice your sales pitch in front of a mirror. Role play with a co-worker or record yourself on a call. This is best way to critique your style.
  2. Research. Do your homework on the company/prospect before you call. This will ensure they have a need for your product or services and allow you to know you are reaching the decision maker.
  3. Motivation.  Choose to make sales calls when it is a good timing for you. Emotions play a big part in preparedness.

Cold calling is not something everyone wants to do. Rich Enterprises provides cold calling, warm calling, lead generation and appointment to a variety of industries.

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