Three Key Elements of Cold Calling


In order for cold calling and telemarketer to be effective, there are three critical aspects to consider:

  • The approach or scripting – Marketers must be able to present key selling points quickly and concisely in order to get the attention of their prospects.
  • The contact list – Contacting the right business is critical and catering your message around that niche is necessary for solid results.
  • The marketer – The marketer needs a wide range of communication and presentation skills.  They must be able to navigate phone systems and gatekeepers, gather intelligence to determine the key decision maker, must be able to present your product or service well, and have solid documentation skills, etc.   The marketer must have a solid skill set and the experience necessary for successful cold calling

Many companies opt to outsource their lead generation efforts since they do not have in the inhouse resources to focus on and refine the 3 key elements.  For more information about the critical success factors, please review our online video.

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