Cold calling gatekeeper tactics – What is the best way to handle a tough gatekeeper when you are making sales calls? Rich Enterprises has some of the best, most professional marketers working for us and each of them have insider secrets and tactics that make them successful.  We have found that the best way to handle a tough gatekeeper is to befriend them. Gatekeepers have a tough job to do and they should not be considered your enemy, but rather you should befriend them when you are making telemarketing calls.

Cold calling gatekeeper tactics – When you make sales calls and reach a gatekeeper, make note of her name and your conversation with her. If you spoke about the weather or the upcoming holiday, notate it for future callbacks. Good documentation of prior contact helps the marketer build rapport with the person that is the bridge to the decision-maker.

What are your favorite tactics for reaching a gatekeeper? Do you need ideas on how to reach a decision-maker? What are your marketing plans for 2023? Could you use more contracts to fill your sales pipeline to give you a jump start on sales goals for the year?

Rich Enterprises Inc provides marketing packages that include everything needed for a successful marketing campaign.

Here are details on our business growth plan which is our smallest program that is designed to provide steady consistent growth over time:

  • A four-week pilot program that allows you to test the marketing waters
  • Ten hours of calling per week
  • Typically, our team is making 200-250 outbound calls per week
  • No cost for the contact list,
  • Set up at no charge to you
  • Staff training on your account/marketing offerings and goals
  • Complete scripting which includes
    1. Call
    2. Voicemail
    3. Email
    4. Appointment confirmation

Our marketing team would be glad to help you get to the decision-maker. Contact us to start your next successful marketing program at (888) 443-5247.

Cold calling gatekeeper tactics

Cold-calling gatekeeper tactics

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