Voice mail and Telemarketing

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Voice mail and Telemarketing – Leaving a voicemail is not challenging, but leaving one that piques someone’s interest enough to return your call is something entirely different.  In b2b telemarketing and cold calling, a strong effective voicemail increases the likelihood of returning calls – which ultimately increases your odds of getting sales leads and qualified sales appointments.

Before you make any cold calls, prepare a sample voicemail script that gives the topic of your cold call, your contact information, and most importantly how your product or service would benefit their business. If you are offering a special rate or free evaluation, mention this in your message.

Brevity is key so always be brief, concise, and to the point. Remember the more messages your leave, the more comfortable and effective you will become. We ask our marketing team to leave voicemail messages on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th attempts to reach a prospect. Many businesses come to us and don’t really believe in leaving voicemails. With the busy, fast-paced society we are living in, we need to use all avenues to reach prospects and voicemails is an easy way to “nudge” prospects.

Voice mail and Telemarketing – If you leave a voicemail today, the prospect may not have time to return your call or maybe does not have an immediate need for your service but will remember your name or company name the next time you call in.

Rich Enterprises has a variety of marketing programs that work for just about any business.

Our packages can include:

  • Contact list – if based on industries and cities or counties
  • Common objections and the appropriate rebuttals
  • Sample call script
  • Sample voicemail script
  • Sample email appointment script
  • Sample email script

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Voice mail and Telemarketing

Voice mail and Telemarketing

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