Cold calling qualifications

Cold calling qualifications – Cold calling can be a very tough job, but as they say “Someone has to do it”.   But you should want the most qualified someone.   Below are just a few of the skills that we look for in our cold calling team:

  • Years of experience – Each member of our team has minimum of two years of experience in b2b appointment setting, but our present team average is 6.4 years in b2b telemarketing with 22 years sales experience.
  • Pleasant demeanor – Each cold call represents a potential business opportunity and we look for marketers that are pleasant in terms of phone presentation and those that can easily adapt to our clients’ changing needs.
  • Agility – The ability to be agile and think quickly on your feet and under pressure are extremely important any time you are working with people.  Our team should expect the unexpected questions and responses and be ready to quickly respond to those objections.
  • Technical skills – Since each member of our sales team is taking good, solid notes,  and entering that data into a CRM program, we want our team to be able to navigate the call and the software simultaneously.
  • Team player – We like people on our team to be part of our “marketing family”. We like everyone to have input in processes and company progression.

Cold calling qualifications – Who makes your cold calls? Do you need help reaching prospects? If you are searching for a team to handle the initial calls for you and know they will do a great job – reach out to us!

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Cold calling qualifications
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