Common Mistakes in Sales

Common Mistakes in Sales – We have all been there and made mistakes during a sales call. What are the top mistakes in the telemarketing industry?

First is organization. There is nothing worse than making a sales call but not being prepared for the needs of the customer. With any sales campaign or standard operating procedure in sales, take the time to prep your message, know common objections and how to overcome as well as the next steps in the sales process.

The second would be not listening to your prospect. Sometimes as salespeople, we tend to think we should do most of the talking but the truth of the matter is that more is learned by listening to the needs of the client than talking through the entire meeting. We oftentimes find that we learn more about a prospect by giving them a chance to interact with us/ creating dialogue and voicing their pain points.

The last would have to be aggression. The old sales style of “Not taking no for answer/arm twisting” does not always work. Present your company and your offerings while building rapport with customers before pushing for the sale. If you establish a working relationship with your clients, you will not need to be aggressive in the sales process.

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Common Mistakes in Sales

Common Mistakes in Sales

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