Sales Tips – Mastering the Art of Listening

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Sales Tips – Mastering the Art of Listening – There is more to sales and telemarketing calls than spewing the sales pitch and sales scripting. Listening is one of the most important aspects of sales. If you are one to interrupt a prospective client, chances are you are going to miss an important detail in the entire conversation.

Keep an open mind when listening and never assume you know where the conversation is going.

Don’t neglect to hear the hidden messages. It may seem black and white when it comes to sales but “reading between the lines” can benefit you in future callbacks.

Sales Tips – Mastering the Art of Listening – Attentive listening will allow you to hear what is needed and respond appropriately boosting your sales calls successes. Ultimately your success in telemarketing or appointment setting is based upon your ability to listen to your sales prospect.

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Our packages are all-inclusive. A sample marketing package for us with start with a 2-month pilot program. That 2 months of 10 hours per week of calling – 200-250 calls per week and x number of in-person appointments. The number of appointments really depends on the qualifiers for the exact campaign.

Sales Tips – Mastering the Art of Listening

Sales Tips – Mastering the Art of Listening

The package could include:

  • Contact list if based on SIC codes and geographical data
  • Company goals
  • Common objections and appropriately rebuttals
  • Sample call script
  • Sample voicemail script
  • Sample email confirmation script
  • Sample email script

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