Dealing with Rejection in Sales

Dealing with rejection in sales – Rejection is a large part of sales and more particularly, it is a large portion of telemarketing and cold calling.  What is the best way to handle rejection? First, never take rejection personally. Remember that this is business and it all boils down to whether the prospect needs your product or services, not whether they like you as a salesperson.

During sales and telemarketing calls, you will find contacts that are brash and cut your cold call short due to timing or their mannerism. Just remember for every no out there, there is always one that will say yes.  You have to have so many “no’s” in order to get to the “yes’s.Dealing with rejection in sales

Stay upbeat and positive and remember to celebrate after a victory, no matter how small.

How does your sales team deal with rejection? Have you ever considered outsourcing B2B telemarketing services for a firm that does just that – dealing with rejection?

Dealing with rejection in salesRich Enterprises Inc has been providing cold calling, warm calling, appointment setting, and market research services since 1999. Our marketing campaigns are customized just for your business. We know that not all businesses are alike and even though you might have a similar business in another industry, your business is unique to your area and your offerings.

Our marketing programs can include:

  • A contact list based on geographical factors and SIC
  • Information on company goals
  • Common objections and rebuttals
  • Sample call script
  • Sample email script
  • Sample voicemail script
  • Sample email confirmation script

Could you use help with your marketing efforts? September starts the year-end push to finish strong with new sales filling your pipeline for the year. Our motto is ” Our business is growing your business”.

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