Honesty is the Best Policy in Sales

Honesty is the Best Policy in Sales – Have you ever made a sales call and been asked a question you simply could not answer?  This happens to every salesperson that makes telemarketing or cold calls.

We have found that honesty is the best policy when talking to a prospective client and you just don’t know the answer to their question. Say something such as:” That is a great point or I understand where you are coming from. Why don’t I get more information for you and give you a call tomorrow with the answer”.  Make sure if you set a time frame for your return call, you follow through giving you credibility with the prospective customer.

Marketing is a tough job and presenting yourself right the first time will bring in long-term business customers. When we bring about a new customer, we bring them on with the intention of having them with us for years to come.

Honesty is the Best Policy in Sales – Rich Enterprises Inc provides marketing packages that include more than everything you need to present your company in the best light and present it with the best business ethics.

Our custom marketing packages include:

  • Contact list – based on SIC codes
  • Program outline created just for your business.
  • Sample call script
  • Sample email script
  • Sample confirmation script
  • Common objections and rebuttals.

Rich Enterprises Inc has a team of professionals with industry experience and knowledge that allows them to respond to objections appropriately. How do you present your business when it comes to marketing? Do you need help with business growth? Do you have a long-term business plan or are you just focusing on closing out 2022 strong?

Our motto is “Our business is growing your business”.  Let us help with your next marketing program.

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Honesty is the Best Policy in Sales

Honesty is the Best Policy in Sales

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