Soft Selling in Sales and Telemarketing

Soft selling in sales and telemarketingWhat is the difference between hard sales and soft selling? In traditional sales (hard sales), you will get to the point of the conversation, and push your product or service with an “I am not taking no” for an answer approach. The definition of hard sales is a policy or technique of aggressive salesmanship or advertising”

With soft sales, you are taking a more persuasive approach. You will need to take the time to learn what the customer needs, what they are budgeted for and what they feel would be an asset to their company.

Soft selling is simply developing a customer service rapport first and then selling your product or service second. This gives creditability to the marketer by letting the customer know their needs/interests come first.  Soft selling is often more effective for cold calling and telemarketing. The definition of soft selling refers to an advertising and sales approach that features subtle language and a non-aggressive technique.

Rich Enterprises Inc provides marketing services to commercial businesses that are looking to grow.

Soft selling in sales and telemarketing Our marketing services include cold calling, warm calling, market research, and marketing collateral development. We know that not every company needs the same types of services. We create custom programs focused on the needs of our clients.

Our marketing campaign packages can include:

  • Contact list – if based on SIC codes and geographical factors
  • Calling script
  • Voicemail script
  • Email confirmation script
  • Sample objections and rebuttals
  • Daily reports
  • Consultation with a program manager
  • Kick-off call to fine-tune appointment setting parameters
  • Complete package all inclusive – no add-ons or surprise charges

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Soft Selling in Sales and Telemarketing

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