Importance of a Full Sales Pipeline

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Importance of a Full Sales Pipeline

Most companies judge their incoming cash flow by their sales pipeline. A sales pipeline starts first as a prospective lead, then advances to a qualified prospect and finally a customer or client. How can you keep your pipeline fresh?

  1. Marketing program. Use telemarketing services to fill your sales pipeline. Find a qualified telemarketing firm to handle the prospecting and initial appointment setting for you. This will allow various stages of the sale process and keep your sales reps busy. The telemarketing firm can provide you with market research, cold calling, warm calling, as well as face to face appointments.
  2. Time Management. Set a certain number of hours for prospecting and follow-up calls. Most business will start with an 80/20 percentage. This would be 80% reaching out to new contacts and 20 % on follow-up calls. Always document all processes during the prospecting phase. This will provide you needed information during the sales process.
  3. Continuity. Building your sales pipeline should always be continual and a number one priority for businesses. Use some type of CRM tool that allows you to document important details on each attempt made for every contact. Schedule call backs as needed. Reach out to prospects 3 times then put them on an alternate month call back schedule.

Once you have established a sales pipeline with both contact names and email addresses, you can use to announce new products/services through calling and an email campaign. Keeping your sales pipeline full is a constant challenge for all businesses and making it part of your daily sales process helps keep your pipeline fresh.

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