Tips for Managing a Successful Marketing Campaign

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Tips for Managing a Successful Marketing Campaign

Every company decides they are going to start a marketing program and has high expectations it will be a success. What can you do to ensure your marketing program is successful? Here are a few tips:

  1. Daily reporting. Always take time to read and monitor daily reporting. Hopefully, the marketing company that you select provides detailed reports. When reviewing daily calls made on behalf of your account, look for patterns that may or may not benefit your program. If you see the marketer is not reaching contacts, possibility you may want to consider altering calling times. If the marketer typically calls in the morning, change the calling times to late afternoon or even during lunch. We find that many times, the decision makers are in the office during lunch and do not have the gatekeeper taking calls for them. Rich Enterprises provides daily reporting that gives details made on every call allowing our clients insight to the exact response on all calls made on their behalf. This helps with improvements to the program.
  2. Communication. Set up conference call times with the marketing firm to discuss your account program and what to expect from start to finish. Set up a scheduled time to conference weekly, bi-weekly or after your pilot program. When reading daily reporting, send out a quick email that lets the company know how they are doing. We appreciate feedback on our work-good, bad or otherwise. Feedback from our clients allows us to make positive changes across the board. Not only will it benefit your program, but it will benefit all programs from Rich Enterprises, Inc.
  3. Script. There is an art to script writing but not every script works for every marketer. When determining which script works best for your product or service, list the key selling points and qualifying questions and then let the marketer do their work. We have found with our marketers at Rich Enterprises, Inc, they do best with a sample script since this gives them freedom to market to prospects but gather the appropriate information that makes the lead or appointment qualified.
  4. List. Selecting your calling list can be vital to your calling campaign. First- choose the industries that are best suited for your product or service. Next -determine your geographical area. Do you want to market nationwide or within certain miles if you are traveling for appointments?

The key to success with any marketing program is going to be daily review of reporting and communication between the marketing firm and company. Without feedback from our clients, we cannot ensure a successful closing rate on qualified sales appointments. As with any project, staying on top of the game will ensure success.

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