Internal Business Referrals

Internal Business Referrals

Internal Business Referrals – Have you ever tried to reach a decision maker where they simply refused your call because they did not know you?   Cold calling and telemarketing is a tough jobs.   Studies have shown that 84% of Executives are more likely to accept an internal referral than an outside cold call. When calling a company, sometimes you are referred to other people and other departments. Utilize this information such as “Hi Bob, I spoke with John in HR and he said you were the guy that I needed to speak with”. Using an inside referral will give you a foot in the door compared to a traditional telemarketing call.

What is your sales approach? Do you find that gaining access to contact via other means other than just the traditional transfer through a gatekeeper process works well for you?

Rich Enterprises Inc has a team of seasoned marketers that have worked for us for many years. They love the challenge of getting to the right contact and really love helping people.

Our custom programs are created just for your business. We know that marketing is not cookie-cutter and needs to be approached by showcasing each business’s unique offerings.

Internal Business Referrals –  Do you need help with your sales calls? Our programs are all-inclusive. We start with a program outline that lets you tell us more about your business. What makes you unique? What makes your business stand out?  From there, we create a working document that has:

Internal Business Referrals

  • Program goals
  • Sample scripts – call, email, email confirmation, and voicemail scripts
  • Contact list data based on geography and SICs

Could you use more contracts? Are you looking to increase your business and fill your sales pipeline? Are you on track with your sales goals for the 1st half of 2023?

Let our team be your inside sales team! Contact us for more information at (888) 443-5247 or check us out:

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