How To Manage Successful Sales Team



Managing a sales team is extremely challenging, but is also very rewarding when you watch each individual grow to their full capacity while watching your revenue and sales increase over time.  If you are ready to manage a successful sales team, here are five key points:

1. Set solid sales goals. Sales goals need to be realistic and obtainable, while at the same time they need to challenge your sales team to grow and obtain the best results.  Managing sales goals and applying reasonable expectations will ensure that your team is challenged.


2. As their leader, you must become their coach, cheerleader, and mentor. You need to bring forth a positive energy that is contagious, treat all members as individuals while showing the utmost of respect for the role of the sales team, and continually lead the group towards ethical and honest sales practices.


3. Express appreciation.  Provide Rewards and financial incentives to each sales rep as they reach their true and greatest potential.  Establish commission and salary structures that will encourage their greatest performance.


4. Provide appropriate tools for success.  Sales reps are bringing forth wide diverse experience,  but can only be successful if you are providing them with a proven system for closing and tracking new sales.  Solid marketing materials will aid in the conversion and closing process. Sales training will ensure that your team is at the top of their game and allows you to work directly with each individual to correct any deficiencies.


5. Trust in their abilities and allow them to succeed.   Your sales team needs to know that you trust them to do their job. There is no need to micromanage a true sales professional. Once you have the right team in place, stand back and watch them grow into their roles.


Are you new to your Sales Team Manager role?

While you are helping to develop your sales team, you will personally continue to expand your professional abilities and experiences. Just as you will set the tone and expectations for your team, you will have to set your own goals and a manner in which to analyze outcomes.

Expect challenges when you are learning how to manage a successful sales team. You want to ensure that each individual achieves their maximum potential and continues to refine their skill set; while at the same time, you’re looking at the output of a strong cohesive sales team that works together to increase your sales.

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