4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Outsourced Inside Sales Team

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Outsourcing your inside sales team is a way to take advantage of a concentrated sales group while freeing your team to focus on other priorities. An inside sales team can generate and nurture leads, growing your business. However, locating and arranging a partnership with an outsourced sales team provides a set of challenges you should be aware of. There are several key factors for choosing a team that is right for you and will produce the best results for your company. 

1. How Much Control Does an Outsourced Team Provide?

When outsourcing an inside sales team it is important to consider what degree of control over the team you will be able to have. An ideal team will have a clear picture of the goals of your company, as well as which leads to pursue. They will also communicate with you frequently on their progress as well as adapt to any adjustments you may need, including changes in presentation as a brand or the pursuit of a particular demographic. 

Regarding sales, a great outsourced team can provide metrics at all points of their process, not just during final results. A team that can generate many leads may struggle with nurturing those relationships in the long run. Analyzing metrics allows you to accurately measure the effectiveness of the team you have hired, as well as work with them on the best strategies and approaches to maximize your revenue.

2. Does an Outsourced Team Align With Your Goals and Brand?

Your inside sales team is a crucial, front-facing part of your image as a brand and as a company. It is important that when selecting an outsourced sales team they can communicate with your organization as a whole and align themselves to your goals. An ideal sales team can present even the most complex products clearly and concisely that boosts the appeal of your brand. 

The onboarding process of a potential hire is a great way to examine their capabilities in this regard. During the meeting, a polished inside sales team will be transparent about their sales methods as well as take the time to get a clear picture about what kind of accounts you are looking to qualify. They will also set up clear channels of communication if not integrating into your own, and represent any marketing initiatives you have available.

3. How Much Will Hiring an Outsourced Team Cost?

Outsourcing your inside sales team can be a large investment. It is important to consider when hiring a team the expenditures you will have to make versus the potential revenue they will be able to produce. It is also worth considering the cost of your current sales team and if outsourcing makes your company more efficient and productive as a whole. Outsourcing an inside sales team can sidestep the complicated internal hiring process and maintenance of salaried positions.

4. Should I Outsource an Inside Sales Team?

Hiring a sales team well-suited to your needs as a company can be a complicated but ultimately rewarding process. An experienced, professional team will be a powerful asset towards expanding your clientele while making your operation more flexible and cost-efficient. Ultimately, building a  strong relationship with your outsourced sales team is key to making the most of what they can offer.

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