Planning for a successful lead generation marketing program


Successful lead generation marketing programs just don’t happen. There are hours and hours spent on careful planning. Most companies usually don’t choose one direction for marketing. Usually they will incorporate two or more programs to run simultaneously.

Marketing directions might be:

  • Email marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Website sales
  • telemarketing

Determining your focus on marketing is the first step to starting a marketing program. Second step would be to acquire a viable lead list to use for the marketing campaign.

A successful list must be based on these factors:

  • Industry
  • Geographic target
  • Revenue or employee count

Can you afford to wait for business to come to you?

Most businesses will put together a marketing program to speed up the sales process, increase their penetration into certain markets as well as provide brand awareness for new business development.

Rich Enterprises Inc has been providing services since 1999. Our marketing programs can include market research and lead generation.

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