Understanding the Sales decision process


When you decide you are going to target a company/reach out for new business, are you targeting the company themselves or are you selling to an individual who makes all the decision for that organization?

Sometimes the process is not as easy as it sounds. Generally speaking if you are reaching out to a sizable organization, you are going to have to work with multiple contacts within that organization in order to gain their business and get a decision on future business.

First step into a company is to go through a receptionist or a gatekeeper. The gatekeeper might be more than the person who answers the phone. She might be the person who answers the phone when available but also has some decision making power. The gatekeeper might not be able to say yes to a decision but she can make your conversation short and not get you to the correct contact.

Next: How many people are involved in the decision making process? Are they the partners of the company or do you have to go in front of a board for a decision?

Finally-When is the budget cycle? Can they purchase as needed or are they are on a yearly sales cycle?

The sales cycle can be tough if you are entering into a new market. We provide services for all markets. Rich Enterprises Inc likes to work with businesses that are boutique style/those with an offering unlike their competitors.

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